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Email or text message language

Communication is getting faster and faster. People use emails and text messages with only limited space for the text, so they use abbreviations to make the message shorter. There are so many of them, that sometimes it is hard to undrestand what the writer wanted to say.
Look at this example:
Hi, R U @ home? Need to talk to U ASAP ! Please CM. CUL8R. Alice.
In „normal“ English it means: Are you at home? I need to talk to you as soon as possible! Please call me. See you later. Alice
Look at examples of other abbreviations below:
^5        High Five!                           J4F       Just For Fun
2G4U    Too Good For You               WB       Welcome Back
4YEO     For Your Eyes Only             B4        Before
ASAP     A s Soon As Possible          BBL       Be Back Later
BRB Be  Right Back                          BTW      By The Way
CM        Call Me                               CUL8R   See You Later
F2F       Face To Face                       FYI        For Your Information
L8R       Later                                  NRN       No Reply Necessary
TAFN    That‘s All For Now               TIA        Thanks In Advance
TTYL     Talk To You Later                TX         Thanks
TYVM    Thank You Very Much


  • abbreviations – zkratky
  • message – zpráva
  • reply – odpověď
  • in advance – předem

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