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Angličtina s Klaretem / 24.2.2014

Expressions with have

at work
“Hi Peter, do you have a moment?”
“Sure Bob. I have to go to a meeting soon, but I’m free now.”
“My wife and I are having a party. Will you come?”
“Sounds good! Yes.”
“Great. We’re not having dinner, just some drinks and snacks.”
“Is anyone else from the office coming?”
“I haven’t invited anyone else yet. Who do you think would have a good time?”
“I’m sure Gavin and Janice would love to come, but they are on a business trip this weekend. How about Wendy?”
“Good idea. I’ll ask her next.”
“Well she won’t be back for a while – she’s is having her hair cut. I have to go to my meeting.”
“Have fun! See you later.”
“Hi Wendy – your hair looks great.”
“Thanks Bob, have you had lunch yet?”
“No, I was going to have a sandwich. Would you like to join me?”
“That would be great.”


  • have a moment – mít chvilku
  • I have to go – musím jít
  • to have a party – pořádat večírek
  • to have dinner – večeřet
  • have a good time – mít se dobře/dobře se bavit
  • to have your hair cut – dát se ostříhat
  • Have fun! – Užij si to!

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