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Prepositions of place

I arrived in the Czech Republic on the 24th of August in 2001. I travelled for eleven hours by plane from South Africa. I was born in the city of Cape Town. I could see Table Mountain from the window of my flat. It really does look like a table and when there are white clouds, they cover it like a tablecloth. You can hike up or down or take the special cable car. The views from the top are wonderful. There is a 360 degree view of the city below, with the Atlantic Ocean on one side, and the Indian Ocean on the other. I came to Prague to work as a teacher in a language school. I live in Vysehrad in a flat on the ground floor. Now I can see the walls of the Vysehrad fortress from the window of my flat and I travel to
work by tram.

At Christmas time, I drink mulled wine, wear a coat, a hat on my head, a scarf around my neck and gloves on my hands to keep warm. When I have visitors from home, I like to take them across the famous Charles Bridge and up the hill to Prague Castle and we walk around the city, along the River Vltava.


  • arrive in (city/country) – přijet/přicestovat do (města/země)
  • travel from – cestovat z
  • a cloud – mrak
  • a tablecloth – ubrus
  • a cable car – lanovka
  • travel by tram, bus, train, plane – cestovat tramvají, autobusem, vlakem letadlem
  • mulled wine – svařené víno
  • to walk around a city or along a river – procházet se po městě nebo u řeky

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