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Health and illness

Often, a friend will ask: “How are you today?” Usually there are no problems and you answer “Fine, thank you.” However, sometimes this may not be true, and you need to tell your friend that you don’t feel very well, or that you feel ill or sick. Sometimes you may get a cold or flu in the winter (often with a sore throat, cough and fever), and many people suffer from hayfever in the summer that causes them to sneeze. The problem may also be a headache or some other type of pain. The doctor will examine you and give you an injection or write a prescription, that you take to the pharmacy where they will give you the medicine the doctor has suggested. Serious health problems are called as diseases. There are many different types of serious illnesses, for example asthma causes breathing problems and people with heart problems may have a heart attack. A very serious disease of the 21st century is cancer.


  • to feel ill/sick – cítit se nemocen
  • cold/flu – chřipka
  • sore throat – bolest v krku
  • cough – kašel
  • fever – horečka
  • suffer from hayfever – trpět sennou rýmou
  • headache – bolest hlavy
  • pain – bolest
  • injection – injekce
  • prescription – předpis, recept
  • disease – nemoc
  • asthma – astma
  • breathing problem – problém/potíže s dýcháním
  • heart attack – infarkt
  • cancer – rakovina

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