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Angličtina s Klaretem / 3.3.2014

The Internet

It seems like everyone’s talking about the Internet these days. But what is it really? For milions of people the Internet is a common thing like a fridge. For milions of people it is a useful tool like a hammer. But only a few people know that this device is younger than many of us. More than twenty years ago, the army network of ARPANET mutated in a global network connecting millions of computers worldwide now known as the Internet. And what can we do with the Internet? We can exchange and access multimedia information that includes sound, images and even video; we can share data, communicate with the others from all over the world and exchange electronic mail with people; we can participate in interactive forums. Through the Internet, we can download software, and even join „chats“. In fact, the Internet potential is limited only by our imagination.


  • common – běžný
  • tool – nástroj
  • device – zařízení
  • to mutate – měnit se
  • to access – mít přístup
  • image – obrázek
  • to exchange – vzájemně si vyměnit
  • to participate – účastnit se
  • to join – zapojit se

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