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Everyday activities

When I got married, my wife and I divided up the housework. I do the cooking and she does the washing up. I’m a much better cook than she is – don’t tell her I said that. We both work, but I usually get home earlier than she does. I find cooking relaxing and like trying new recipes. I start the preparation before she gets home. I pour myself a glass of wine and begin – cutting, chopping, slicing and measuring the ingredients. I sweep and vacuum the flat and she washes and irons our clothes. I wash the windows at Christmas and she does it at Easter. We take turns scrubbing the kitchen floor, making the bed and we clean the bathroom and kitchen together once a week. This system works well for us and we never argue about the housework like many of the couples we know. Neither of us is very neat, but we don’t like living
in a dirty flat, so we make sure it is as clean and tidy as possible. When I was growing up, my father never helped my mother with the housework. When he visits us he always asks why I’m doing the cooking. He can’t understand that and he says the modern world is different and he doesn’t understand it.


  • to divide up – rozdělit si něco
  • to wash up – mýt nádobí
  • a recipe (recipes) – recept(y)
  • to pour – nalít
  • to cut – krájet
  • to chop – sekat
  • to slice – krájet na plátky
  • to measure ingredients – vážit přísady
  • to sweep – zamést
  • to iron – žehlit
  • to scrub (a floor) – mýt (podlahu)
  • to make a bed – stlát postel
  • neat/tidy – pořádkumilovný/uklizený

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